Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday, Jack!

Jack turned 4 on the second of November. I can hardly believe it!

Here's Lincoln and uncle Kolton trying to figure out how to get Lincoln's new police car out of the package. Lincoln sleeps with a police car every night, and it's completely falling apart! All the plastic sirens have fallen off, some of the rubber wheels have fallen off, and it's off track now. This was our attempt of a replacement, but it's not working out so well.

Grammy and Papa got Jack a Spiderman helmet (and horn) to go with...

His new bike!

The Nelson boys

Jack just being silly

Jack wanted to go to Bounce U (a bounce house) for his birthday. We let him invite 3 friends. This turned out perfect because Groupon had a half off deal the day before we went, and so it only cost us half the regular price. Score!

Lincoln, Ryan, Jack, Izzy, and Darren

Jack and his church buddies, Ryan and Darren

Lincoln snuggling into Grandpa while watching Caillou

Here's the best picture I (I mean, Doug) got of the awesome birthday cake that Gwen made him. Jack wanted a Batman party, if you can't already tell.
Grandma and Grandpa totally spoiled both boys! Lincoln got a new Usborne Trucks & Diggers magnet book, a Toy Story cape, and they got the boys Cars 2!

She got Jack and Lincoln some new clothes, too. Jack got a "Let's Go Fishing" game, an Usborne game called Pirate Snap, a couple capes, and this mask. It's pretty cool because you can velcro the cape around your wrists, like you see in this picture.

We were so sad when Grandma, Grandpa and Kolton left. We had so much fun with them!

So glad that Jack and Lincoln are getting along so much better now!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Grandma Came to Town

First, a picture of the progress on the Gilbert temple, which is only a few blocks from our current home! I took my activity day girls to the visitor's center here a few weeks ago. Pretty awesome.
Gwen came to visit us and stayed for almost two weeks! It was so great having her here to help me with the boys. I felt like I was on vacation! She was amazing. We took the boys and her to Scnhepf farms for our annual October trip. We went on a Thursday, and it was so dead! It was awesome not having to wait in any lines. Here she is with the boys on the train.

Beautiful farm

The four of them went on this bike. Their ride was so fast because the boys kept telling them to go faster.

This slide was SOOOO long

We took her to Discovery Park with the boys and their bikes. Lincoln is fearless when it comes to going down hills. We fed the ducks and saw some turtles. Fun times!
HALLOWEEN!!! Here's Doug (a.k.a. Joe Dirt), Lincoln the firefighter (having SO much fun!) and Jack as Darth Vader. They were so funny trick or treating! Jack would ring the doorbell and run behind us, because he thought something scary was going to jump out at him. Lincoln would linger in front of the door after getting his candy, half expecting to be invited in by someone.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

September Update

I guess I get the bad blogger award, since it has been like 2 months since our last post. I can say that the first 3 weeks after my last post, a friend of a friend was fixing our computer again, since it wasn't fixed the correct way the first time. And he says these minor changes won't take long, but they end up taking FOREVER! Granted, he fixed it for free, but the last time he had it, we were down a computer for about 5 weeks. Let's just hope this desktop doesn't give us anymore trouble for a long time!

My dad flew down here to meet his brothers in Casa Grande over Labor Day weekend. My Uncle Bob, Uncle Danny and him drove to our house for a quick visit one day while they were here. It was great seeing family, even if only for a little bit!
See the sweat on Jack's head in this picture? Yup, still waiting for the days to cool off here! We had some highs in the 70's last week, but we're now back up hovering around 100. It should cool off anytime! And at least the nights are cooling off, finally.

Lincoln has enjoyed coloring lately. He was giving me the cheesiest smiles when he was coloring these pictures!

We have all been really sick the last couple weeks! Here's an update on everyone:
Doug's still working his 7-4 shift, and is home at 4:30 every day! Jack made us all sick, and Doug just got over the worst of it. He stayed home from church Sunday and work yesterday due to a horrible cough. He's lucky that that's the most exciting part of his update.

Jack started preschool at the end of August, and really looks forward to those social days. He goes on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 9:30-12, and his teacher lives on an acre of land that includes a trampoline, playground, and farm animals like chickens and goats. They've even had a llama recently! He knows a lot of the stuff they're teaching already, but it's so good for him to get some interaction with kids his age. I know he gets so bored at home now! So far, he has brought two different colds/flu bugs home with him. The first one wasn't too bad, but this second one has been torture! I thought he was losing it about a week after he got it, but then 10 days into it, it turned into his first ear infection. I had to take him to an urgent care-type place on a Sunday, and it was breaking my heart to hear how much pain he was in from it. After 2 days on Amoxicillin, we found out he was allergic to it, and had to switch to something else. He's finally fully recovered!

Lincoln is learning new, fun words every day! Well, mostly fun words. The tantrums get old quick, and he has more attitude saying the word, "NO!" than anyone I've ever heard. He's got that word down! He picked up Jack's cold in a matter of days, and it turned into croup. I took him in on a Monday, and they gave him a 3-day steroid. The third day, his symptoms remained unchanged, and he had a fever. I called the pediatrician, and they said he needed to go to the ER. Awesome. It was fun to see one of my Outback coworkers as the person that did his x-rays! But 2 hours later, we found out that all they did for him (and all he needed) was a stronger steroid. I asked, "What do we do if nothing changes?" I was reassured that this would be the cure. Well... Friday, he had a fever of 100, still that hacking cough, but the wheezing was gone. I saw the pediatrician that afternoon, and his fever was up to 101. They gave him an antibiotic, we came home and I headed off to work. Doug called me at 7 and said his fever was up to 103 a little while ago, and now it was up to 104. And it was just barely time to give him more Tylenol! I told him to call the pediatrician on call, and if he couldn't get through to anyone, to take him back to the ER. Luckily, they just said to piggy back Tylenol and Ibuprofen. I got off work, we did that, and he was fine the next morning. His cough is pretty much gone now. But whew! He got the worst of it!
Lincoln enjoys watching Caillou ("Ti-U") and Megamind ("Ma-Mind"). Any chance he has of being outside, he jumps at the opportunity! He has also been enjoying the Geo Trax train set that we bought from my sister. And he has recently learned all his colors!

I have had all sorts of health issues! Probably soon after my last post, I got a horrible rash from a lotion I used. This rash has appeared before from a different lotion. I saw an allergist for this rash, and also from a different rash I finally pinned to an antibiotic called Bactrim, which I have been taking off and on this year for recurring bladder infections. My family doctor sent me to the allergist who has done some patch testing, and also told me not to take sulfa drugs (aka Bactrim) anymore, as I have an allergy to them. This Bactrim rash appears as small spots that look like mosquito bites. In fact, the first time it appeared, I thought I had been attacked in my sleep! These spots would appear in the exact same places each time, and would be accompanied by mouth sores. Good times.
Because of these rashes, my doctor ordered some blood tests, and told me that I had an elevated ANA level, and needed to see a rheumatologist. That's it. No details, even when I asked what that meant, and what this doctor sees patients for. After doing a quick research on WebMD, I found out that this elevated ANA level is an indication of lupus. I was freaked out, and couldn't see the rheumatologist for like 2 weeks! Plus they called me on a Friday afternoon after 4 PM, so I had to wait all weekend to speak to anyone about it. They did more tests, and found that not only do I have an elevated ANA level, but an elevated anti-DNA level. These both indicate lupus, but they said I don't have lupus... at this time, anyway. They want to do more tests to see what's going on with this, and I see a doctor Thursday about this.
So, since the last time I posted, I've had a bladder infection, 2 rashes, 2 sinus infections, and have had to see an allergist and rheumatologist (both of which I have to see again.) Good times! Hopefully we'll have a better rest of the year with our health!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Colorado Trip Part 3

Eliza invited us to the pool that she goes to. Here are her kids and Jack with their Otter Pops.
I had SO much fun with some of my high school friends, hanging out at Danielle's house. It was great to get together with them and meet their adorable kiddos!

Lincoln gave us a great pose

Jack took a picture of us... well, most of us

Miss you guys!

Grammy and Lincoln racing after the ball in their backyard

Not sure why he was pouting here

My mom took her watering can into the grass so Lincoln could get wet. He went all out!

And Jack soon joined in

Thanks fam, for all the fun!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Colorado Trip Part 2

One of the days we were up there, we drove up to Estes Park in the mountains. It was a beautiful drive through the Rocky Mountains, and Estes Park is right next to Rocky Mountain National Park. When we got there, it was time for lunch. We ate at the Taco Bell/KFC, where Lincoln got more nacho cheese on his chest than he did in his mouth.

A neat water wheel we saw
We spent some of the afternoon walking through all the neat tourist shops they have on Main Street there. We also stopped at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Yum! We didn't get any pictures next to it, but we also drove up to the Stanley Hotel. There have been major motion pictures filmed at this hotel like The Shining miniseries and Dumb & Dumber, to name a couple. We also took the boys on a mini hike through the mountains and some some neat wildlife.

The boys found a new hobby at Grammy and Papa's... BOWLING!

However, they did it a little different than most of us.

Jack loved Papa's riding lawn mower!

Lincoln... not so much.

I'm mean and kind of forced him on it, eventually. He tolerated it, and chose to never ride on it again the rest of our trip.

Doug wanted to stop by some of the motorcycle stores in Loveland. One was a Harley shop. I have NEVER seen Lincoln more excited and vocal about anything!

This was Doug's dream bike.

Although Lincoln was excited while walking around, he really didn't want to get on any of them.

That night, we met Eliza's family at Red Robin, and headed over to the Larimer County fair! Everyone but Eliza and I rode on the ferris wheel.

All the boys wanted to ride on this old fashioned car, which we were surprised about because it just stayed on a track the whole time. But I think they enjoyed it.

Olivia wanted to use her second (and last) ride on a roller coaster! Here she is with mom while waiting in line.

Jack and Cody were in awe.

That's them, waving at us, right below the "I" and "N" in the word, "RING."

Jon said he could hear Olivia screaming over everyone else. She was pretty nervous!

They concluded the night with fireworks. This was Lincoln's first time seeing fireworks in the sky!

Really cute family picture! (minus Cody) Sad that it didn't turn out better!