Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pictureless Update

We have been having issues with our desktop computer for almost a month now! Thus, I haven't updated. We thought we had it back to normal and working, until yesterday when we tried putting all our software back on it. Now it just shuts down after 10 seconds of being on. NICE! Anyway, we're still trying to get it repaired. I will be telling Geek Squad a piece of my mind when I can make it in there.

A little of what has been going on around here: Doug is still in school, and even got a letter that he's on the dean's list! Very proud of him.

I was lucky enough to have an onlay at the dentist one morning, and a mammogram that afternoon. I bet you're jealous that you're not me! The high that day was 75 degrees, which was the highlight. I have also started working at Outback Steakhouse as a server. My last day of training was yesterday, which is such a relief! I'm sick of having to find someone to watch the boys while I have more training classes. I'm so thankful to have friends that are so willing to help out when I have no other options. I had to take a food class, a liquor class, a food test, a liquor test, 4 training shifts of following someone, an orientation meeting, and going to a county building to get a food handler's card. My first day out on the floor all by myself is today. I hope I do okay!

Jack is completely obsessed with everything Batman and Lego Batman at this point. He was so excited when we found Lego Batman and Lego Star Wars underwear for him at Target this last week. He's never played Lego Star Wars, but we have talked about it. He lives to play xbox, so we have had to limit his playtime on it to before breakfast, and during naptime. This makes for a long morning for everyone.

Lincoln is mastering the art of telling us what he wants without talking. He's into the hand-holding and dragging of the parental units. He is also learning new words here and there, will fold his arms for the prayer (for like, 5 seconds), is an AWESOME sleeper, and loves telling us, "NO!" when he is having a moment of attitude... which is a few times a day.

Both boys got over croup last week, after Lincoln saw a doctor and needed a steroid shot. They gave me their illness during my new job training. I'm still not fully recovered, and now Doug has the cold, also. I love how they love to share!

I hope to update with pictures someday if and when we get our real computer back, which may not be for awhile if we have to replace it. But, hopefully soon!


The Monahan's said...

Well, it sounds like you guys have busy. I have to be honest, I'm just a little jeoulous of you getting a job. I love being a stay at home mom, but a chance to regularly get out of the house minus the kids would be nice too.

Kateka said...

Yay, go Doug! Isn't it nice when they get good grades?? Seriously, I think it means a little more as an adult... I hope your first day goes well! My first day at Olive Garden I spilled the customers drink down my shirt, right infront of them. I was mortified. I am sure your day will go much better than mine did. Good luck!

Melissa Rees said...

Hooray! Sounds like you guys are doing well! Good luck on your shift today!

Melinda said...

Ugh, dang computer problems! Congrats to Doug on the Dean's List! You'll make a great server!! Your boys sound so funny, they must really keep your hands full. I hope you're feeling better!