Sunday, February 13, 2011

Playing Catch Up

We finally got our computer back and running a week or two ago! I have neglected the blog lately due to working so much. But I'll get to that in a little bit. First, let me catch up on pictures!

Lincoln got croup the first week of the new year! Here he is trying to breathe.

A smile like this is VERY hard to catch on camera anymore!

Jack took a lovely, relaxing picture next to his daddy on our bed.

Yes, Lincoln is sitting in the sink. He likes to climb onto the toilet and up onto the counter. He has gotten his clothes wet many times, yet still enjoys it.

Jack and I spent an afternoon making this monster mask from one of my Usborne books. He loves it!

Doug and I took the boys to see the temple a few weeks ago on a beautiful day (we've been having lots of those lately!)

We thought this garden of different cacti was pretty awesome.

My boys next to a huge cactus

Gotta capture those smiles while I can! He refuses to smile for the camera (or even look at it) anymore.

On Friday night, we took the boys to Peter Piper Pizza. It's like a mini Chuck E. Cheese. The boys had a wonderful time.

Jack always gives us this chese ball smile now. P.S. Notice his outfit of bright yellow Batman shirt and camo pants? Yeah... he picked that one out.

On Saturday, we took the boys to a train museum in Scottsdale, and the thought it was the best thing ever! Lincoln kept saying, "Choo choo!" They had this carousel, a museum with a bunch of model trains, a real train car that presidents used to use that we got to walk through, a bunch of playgrounds, a train that we all got to ride on, and the list goes on! We'll definitely be visiting there again.

Lincoln had fun looking at (and climbing on) everything they had to offer.

Checking out the model trains

Here's an update on everyone:

Doug: He's still working on his MBA. He's had more responsibility at home lately since I'm working now.

Jack: Jack almost got croup at the beginning of the year, but it never got too bad. Then he got sick with the flu (thanks to Lincoln) right after. He currently has his second cold of the year. Besides all that, he has enjoyed being outside in the nice weather and playing xbox here and there. He enjoys working on his workbooks with mommy during Lincoln's naptime, where he learns about shapes, science, matching, etc. He's currently learning to recognize different numbers. Jack also got to meet his teacher for his preschool class that starts in the fall. We're both very excited as his teacher has an acre of land with farm animals and all sorts of fun stuff in her backyard for kids. Jack keeps us laughing all the time with the funny stuff he says. My favorite saying of the week was him talking to his potty and saying, "No potty, wait! Potty you can't come out yet! Listen to me!!" He talks to his potty on the way to the toilet often.

Lincoln: Our sweet Lincoln has taken a turn for the terrible two's. He's got attitude and loves telling us all, "NO!" On the up side, he is learning new words every day. When I sing him a song, he has learned to say, "Again!" He can also say things like banana (sounds like "mana"), juice, and more (sounds like "moan.") He also loves seeing Jack and daddy when he wakes up, and when daddy comes home from work. Doug loves that Lincoln will run to him and give him big hugs. He still loves his Baby Einstein videos. He got croup at the beginning of the month, followed by the flu bug for a few days. He was kind enough to share these with all of us.

Toni: I've been working at Outback Steakhouse as a server for the last month, and they have me scheduled 5 days a week most times. It's nice having a social life again away from home, and is a nice break from the boys. I find myself having more patience with them when I'm at home. I got a sinus infection right after I started my new job. We tried meeting some neighbors for dinner a couple weekends ago at Joe's Farm Grill. While we were in line, Jack told me he wanted me to hold him because he didn't feel well. I asked if he needed to throw up, and he assured me he didn't. While his head was laying on my shoulder, he threw up in my hair, on my shirt, down my arm, on my boots, into my purse, all over my wallet, checks and credit cards, EVERYTHING! We left immediately and I had to stop half way to the car to clean us up a little bit. Thank goodness Doug was there to help me because I was totally dry heaving. SO gross. That will definitely be a night I will never forget. He had me sick two days later.

Lastly, here's a funny video of Jack dancing to the Batman music from his xbox game. Nice booty shaker!


The Monahan's said...

You guys have been busy! I'm jeoulous that you get to do outdoor activities right now. I wish we had some warm weather, I'm tired of being stuck indoors.

Glad you are enjoying your new job. I often wonder if I had some regular time outside the house, if I would have more patience with the girls. Might be worth looking into :)

Melissa Rees said...

Oh that throw up story is so gross! Glad things are going well!

Kateka said...

Poor little Lincoln and croup! I had that as a kid and HATED it. I love how he still wanted to play around though. What a cutie.

Jack talking to his potty... hilarious!!

Holy cow! You are busy! 5 nights a week?? Sheesh. Does that mean you are pretty much full time? And I can't believe he threw up all over you. Oh man, I'd have dry heaved too.

Melinda said...

Your poor kids! I thought maybe being down where it's warmer the cold and flu season wouldn't be so bad, but it sounds just as bad as it is here! I hope everyone gets better very soon!

I'm glad you're happy with your job! I hope your boys aren't missing you TOO much. It blows my mind how big Jack is getting!

Clayton and Amber said...

Toni, You are one busy mama! I can't believe all that you guys have been up too. I've been so bad at checking and updating blogs. I loved catching up on all your posts. Your boys are growing up so fast! How are you liking Outback? We miss you guys!