Monday, April 11, 2011

Cassidy's Visit

I'm finally catching up on some much needed posts! We've had lots of family stop by our house over the last couple weeks. Cassidy (Doug's sister) is still here, but she's spending the second half of her trip at Bryce's twin brother's house. They were here the first half. We spent the first day hanging out at the zoo. Here's a picture of a horse named Jack nipping toward Lincoln. He thought it was fun at first, but then it was a bit scary for him. Uncle Bryce protected him.

We showed cousin Kingsley the goats, and she thought they were pretty fun.

Jack kept grabbing Kingsley's hand. He took on a great "big brother" role with her. Now if I can only teach him how to do that NICELY with Lincoln...

Kingsley really liked the puppy store, as did Lincoln!
She got pretty excited! We wanted to go to Joe's Farm Grill Saturday, but we got rained out. We settled on Red Robin. We had fun with you guys! Wish I would have taken more picture. Next up, we have Doug's parents coming over Easter weekend. We're excited to have more family around, and excited to see you, Kevin and Gwen!

Mom's Visit

We have been so lucky to have one family member after another recently! The day that my sister Heather and her family left, my mom flew in that same afternoon! The boys and I were already in Phoenix from the fire truck museum with Heather's family, so we hung out at the zoo for a couple hours before my mom's flight came in. Here's the first time we found the petting zoo and the boys were able to pet the goats. Lincoln kept smiling and saying, "Hi, goats!"

Jack really wanted to go to the Rainforest Cafe with Grammy. As always, the food was awful. And here's how much Lincoln enjoyed the thunderstorms inside.
Not so much.

Jack thought it was awesome!

My mom had a brilliant idea of recovering my kitchen chairs! They were so disgusting that my nephew, Sawyer, told me I had dirty chairs. He was RIGHT. They were so brown that I was embarrassed to take a "before" picture. They were supposed to be off white. Anyway, here they are with new covers! Thanks, mom!

Mom and Lincoln while we listen to conference.

I think Lincoln liked that cake we made, and grammy's homemade frosting!

Lincoln was being goofy, watching TV with this hat on.

And here are some random pics of the boys enjoying the nice spring weather before the heat kicks in.
Thanks for everything, mom! See you in August!

Heather's Visit

My sister Heather and her family went to the Grand Canyon for their spring break, and I was so grateful that they came down and stayed with us for a night! Here's a picture of the boys before they came, playing on Jack's big wheel.
Lincoln and Brea are 6 1/2 months apart. Here they are trying on shoes together.

We had a BBQ at our house they night they arrived, and went to the world's largest fire truck museum in Phoenix the next day. Here's Aiden, Jack, Sawyer, and Caylee inside one of the fire trucks you can sit in.

Lincoln wanted a turn, too!

Here's Lincoln checking out Brea in her stroller.

Jack's all dressed up like a firefighter! Looks like he's got a helper.

Lincoln's turn!

Here's a random pic the night they were there, after we went to the mall and out for ice cream.
It was less than 24 hours, but it was GREAT to see you all while you were here!