Friday, May 20, 2011

Father/Son Campout

This year was the second year that Jack got to go on the father/son's camping trip that our ward does each year. We thought Lincoln was still a little young, so he stayed home with me and we had a date at McDonald's. Here's the tent all set up:

And the making of the campfire...

Jack was daring and was imitating Kung Fu Panda...

Um... Harry Potter, maybe?

Making funny faces in the sleeping bag, and watching a movie on the laptop before bed

Doug said he got cold a few hours before they got up, and he snuggled right in to Doug's sleeping bag, which didn't leave Doug sleeping very well. Doug said that when they had a last call for breakfast, Jack was still sound asleep. He looks pretty cozy!

As you know, they LOVE their bikes! Lincoln was giving Jack a ride on his the other day. They both thought it was pretty funny.

Lincoln's classic face on his bike

A little dinosaur fun

And my sleeping baby

For probably about 6-8 months now, Lincoln has been saying the phrase, "No, gaga!" It's just a funny little thing he says every so often that he thinks is pretty funny. I finally caught a "no, gaga!" conversation/laugh fest on tape. You also catch a glimpse at the end of Jack teaching his brother "naughty" words. Stinker!


Melissa Rees said...

Ok seriously the pictures of them asleep are adorable!! Terry is dying to take Deacon on Father's and son's!! Now I'm excited too!

Kateka said...

HA! I love how Jack says the words and then covers his mouth at the end of the video. Hahahaha. The best.

Janaca said...

What a fun campout! I'm amazed you got Doug to take so many pictures. I sent the camera with Jason last year and didn't get even one! Our father and sons was supposed to be next Friday but it got cancelled because there are still 2 feet of snow at the campground, not to mention flooding! I bet your happy to live in Arizona right now. :)

Christine said...

How are you guys doing?? I can't believe how old your boys are! Especially Jack! I hope things are going well!