Tuesday, July 19, 2011

California Trip, Day 4

We really wanted to go to the beach while we were in California, but it was overcast and, at the warmest, in the low 70's. We just decided to go with my aunt and uncle while we were with them. It was an overcast day, but we still had fun with the boys' first time at the beach.

The first night we were in California, we went swimming at the hotel pool. The boys ran ahead of us down the hall, and out to the pool gate. I just barely saw Lincoln trip and fall forward, hitting his head on the metal bars surrounding the pool. This picture shows the cut he received on his forehead. Poor kid!

Seashells! COOL!!

WOW, that water was cold!!

Jack found some sand crabs!

We took a walk on a trail by the coast afterwards by a resort that I guess Mariah Carey stayed at for awhile before she had her baby, until she was discovered. Then we spent the rest of the day at my uncle's pool and jacuzzi. They made some amazing ribs for dinner!

Later, while relaxing, we found Jack trying to copy my cousin and uncle

Pretty much the only moment where Lincoln let someone besides Doug or me anywhere near him

Today wore the boys out! Jack wanted Ali to go upstairs and read him books before bed.

And just a quick video of the boys having fun at the beach

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