Tuesday, July 19, 2011

California Trip, Day 5


This was the highlight of our trip! Both boys enjoy Lego's, and Jack is MAD over xbox Lego games. Here was what they had when we first entered...

We found Indiana Jones!

And Hagrid! Here's Doug telling me to hurry up and take a picture already, as people were trying to dodge our shot.

Lincoln, are you really sure you want to dip your potato chips in the ketchup?
Oh yeah.
He did this with the majority of his chips, but none of his hot dog. Go figure.

Jack kept saying, "Look, it's Alfred from Batman!"

Jack's new pirate patch. ARRRRGGGH!

Here's Jack and me going on one of the Legoland rides. I got him in his sack, ready to go down. Next thing I know, he's halfway down! That's me lagging behind.

He was so excited to go on some of the bigger kid rides! He wasn't scared at all, as this picture leads you to believe.

Check out the size of this guy's toes!

After our first day at Legoland, we checked in to our hotel, and met my aunt Kathy for dinner at TGI Friday's. Jack chugged his chocolate milk as soon as he got it!

The boys with my aunt Kathy, and some of their loot from her
Next up: more Legoland!!

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