Wednesday, July 20, 2011

California Trip, Day 6

We spent a second day at Legoland since our tickets were "get the 2nd day free." And we're so glad we went for that second day! The first day we went was a Monday, and it was packed. Most of the rides were an hour wait, or so. Crazy! The second day we went, I don't think any ride was more than a half hour that we went on. And we knew which rides to get in line for very first, before they did fill up. We also tried out their water park. They had some fun water slides for the boys, and we spent a lot of the time in their "lazy river."

Hunching because he's shy of R2D2.

All this stuff was made out of Lego's. Crazy!

We spent like 45 minutes at a huge playground area they had there. I hadn't seen Jack for awhile, and found him just hanging out on this bench. I think he got lots of exercise walking around while we were there, even with a double stroller!

And the last night we were there, I got my fresh seafood! This was the one thing I wanted to do while we were there. I was really wanting some swordfish, and there was a place right next to our hotel that we could walk to for it! Yum.

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Melissa Rees said...

That place looks awesome!! Definitely need to go there