Friday, July 29, 2011

Grandma Mondy Passed Away

Here's a picture of my grandma Mondy, me, and Jack, back from when I was pregnant with Lincoln. She passed away the last day that we were on vacation.
I was so glad that I was able to go to her funeral, even though I was the only one of the four of us that could afford to go. And it was a very quick trip.

After the service, there was a luncheon. Here's my uncle Danny, my dad, and Amy's baby Paige.

Uncle Danny and Blythe
Brandy, uncle Bob, mom, and Eliza

Paige and my dad. Look at all the slobber!

Here's the next day at my parent's house. My mom had everyone over for lunch before they had to fly home. Here's Blythe learning to walk, and Brea showing her how. They were both banging on this chair. So funny!

The twinners

Paige discovering the grass

My siblings, plus my cousin Jessica in the middle

All the siblings

So goofy

And lastly, Amy's little girl, Marnie, with ice cream all over her face!
This was the first time I was able to meet Amy's twins, and they just turned 1! I'm glad she happened to be there at that time.


Michelle Bingham said...

I am so sorry to here about your grandma. I'm glad you were able to go the the service and see the family!! They all look amazing!!!

Kateka said...

Oh Tony! I am so sorry about your grandma. It seems like you and your family have a great attitude and perspective about it all (well, I gather from all their cheery faces in the pics).