Thursday, August 18, 2011

Colorado Trip Part 3

Eliza invited us to the pool that she goes to. Here are her kids and Jack with their Otter Pops.
I had SO much fun with some of my high school friends, hanging out at Danielle's house. It was great to get together with them and meet their adorable kiddos!

Lincoln gave us a great pose

Jack took a picture of us... well, most of us

Miss you guys!

Grammy and Lincoln racing after the ball in their backyard

Not sure why he was pouting here

My mom took her watering can into the grass so Lincoln could get wet. He went all out!

And Jack soon joined in

Thanks fam, for all the fun!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Colorado Trip Part 2

One of the days we were up there, we drove up to Estes Park in the mountains. It was a beautiful drive through the Rocky Mountains, and Estes Park is right next to Rocky Mountain National Park. When we got there, it was time for lunch. We ate at the Taco Bell/KFC, where Lincoln got more nacho cheese on his chest than he did in his mouth.

A neat water wheel we saw
We spent some of the afternoon walking through all the neat tourist shops they have on Main Street there. We also stopped at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Yum! We didn't get any pictures next to it, but we also drove up to the Stanley Hotel. There have been major motion pictures filmed at this hotel like The Shining miniseries and Dumb & Dumber, to name a couple. We also took the boys on a mini hike through the mountains and some some neat wildlife.

The boys found a new hobby at Grammy and Papa's... BOWLING!

However, they did it a little different than most of us.

Jack loved Papa's riding lawn mower!

Lincoln... not so much.

I'm mean and kind of forced him on it, eventually. He tolerated it, and chose to never ride on it again the rest of our trip.

Doug wanted to stop by some of the motorcycle stores in Loveland. One was a Harley shop. I have NEVER seen Lincoln more excited and vocal about anything!

This was Doug's dream bike.

Although Lincoln was excited while walking around, he really didn't want to get on any of them.

That night, we met Eliza's family at Red Robin, and headed over to the Larimer County fair! Everyone but Eliza and I rode on the ferris wheel.

All the boys wanted to ride on this old fashioned car, which we were surprised about because it just stayed on a track the whole time. But I think they enjoyed it.

Olivia wanted to use her second (and last) ride on a roller coaster! Here she is with mom while waiting in line.

Jack and Cody were in awe.

That's them, waving at us, right below the "I" and "N" in the word, "RING."

Jon said he could hear Olivia screaming over everyone else. She was pretty nervous!

They concluded the night with fireworks. This was Lincoln's first time seeing fireworks in the sky!

Really cute family picture! (minus Cody) Sad that it didn't turn out better!

Colorado Trip Part 1

We got great deals on our tickets to and from Colorado! They were such good deals because our flight out of Phoenix didn't leave until 8 PM, and didn't put us in Colorado until 11 PM (10 PM our time.) We dressed the boys in their pajamas and left for the airport. Here they are watching the planes outside the airport window.

Mason has a dog named Timber. Both boys loved having him around the first few days of our trip! Mason moved out the weekend after we arrived.
Jack found a best friend on our trip... his cousin, Cody. Every day he would ask if Cody could come play, and if they could run through the sprinklers. Here they are with Cody's twin sister, Alex, on the trampoline.
One of the days we were there, a bunch of us headed down to Colorado Springs to have lunch and hang out with cousins and my aunt Holly. The drive after we got out of Denver was beautiful!
When my grandparents used to live in Colorado Springs, they would always take us to Fargo's Pizza. We have fond memories of this, and decided to meet there for lunch. Here's Jack and his cousins enjoying their pizza and pudding.

Fargo's has a piano that plays by itself. All you have to do is insert a quarter. We knew the boys would love this after Organ Stop Pizza here!

Here's the living proof that they loved it!

Cousins picture! My cousins Jessica, Laura, Lindsey, and my sisters Heather and Eliza (and me)

My mom and aunt Holly goofing around

Afterwards, we all went to Laura's and hung out. Here are the boys enjoying themselves on the patio.

Lindsey brought her cutie pie baby, Tanner. Great seeing you guys!

Lincoln messing around with Grammy's toys

Cooking the bacon for dinner

Silly Boys and Doug's Birthday

A little fun with the Legos... Jack was putting them on his fingers like they were olives!

Jack's new love... his lightsaber!

For some reason, he often does this with our pillows... must be fun.

And Lincoln has taken over our bed with his cars and trucks.

This kid has quite the imagination and endless possibilities with his cars! He really can entertain himself all day with a few cars.

Here's the morning of Doug's birthday. I spent the morning getting ready, and Doug only worked a half day.

His loot

Jack picked out Doug's very own Batman shirt!

The boys anxiously opening his presents...

...That ended up being socks, and an Xbox football game!
I forgot to take pictures of Doug's "Utah Utes" red velvet cake we made him. We got a sitter for that night and went and watched the last Harry Potter movie (SO good!) and ate at Kona Grill. It was such a fun night, and I really enjoyed my alone time with him. Hope you had a great birthday, Doug!