Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Colorado Trip Part 1

We got great deals on our tickets to and from Colorado! They were such good deals because our flight out of Phoenix didn't leave until 8 PM, and didn't put us in Colorado until 11 PM (10 PM our time.) We dressed the boys in their pajamas and left for the airport. Here they are watching the planes outside the airport window.

Mason has a dog named Timber. Both boys loved having him around the first few days of our trip! Mason moved out the weekend after we arrived.
Jack found a best friend on our trip... his cousin, Cody. Every day he would ask if Cody could come play, and if they could run through the sprinklers. Here they are with Cody's twin sister, Alex, on the trampoline.
One of the days we were there, a bunch of us headed down to Colorado Springs to have lunch and hang out with cousins and my aunt Holly. The drive after we got out of Denver was beautiful!
When my grandparents used to live in Colorado Springs, they would always take us to Fargo's Pizza. We have fond memories of this, and decided to meet there for lunch. Here's Jack and his cousins enjoying their pizza and pudding.

Fargo's has a piano that plays by itself. All you have to do is insert a quarter. We knew the boys would love this after Organ Stop Pizza here!

Here's the living proof that they loved it!

Cousins picture! My cousins Jessica, Laura, Lindsey, and my sisters Heather and Eliza (and me)

My mom and aunt Holly goofing around

Afterwards, we all went to Laura's and hung out. Here are the boys enjoying themselves on the patio.

Lindsey brought her cutie pie baby, Tanner. Great seeing you guys!

Lincoln messing around with Grammy's toys

Cooking the bacon for dinner

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Melissa Rees said...

You've had a busy summer!! So glad you were able to see your family! Love the boys in their pj's at the airport :)