Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday, Jack!

Jack turned 4 on the second of November. I can hardly believe it!

Here's Lincoln and uncle Kolton trying to figure out how to get Lincoln's new police car out of the package. Lincoln sleeps with a police car every night, and it's completely falling apart! All the plastic sirens have fallen off, some of the rubber wheels have fallen off, and it's off track now. This was our attempt of a replacement, but it's not working out so well.

Grammy and Papa got Jack a Spiderman helmet (and horn) to go with...

His new bike!

The Nelson boys

Jack just being silly

Jack wanted to go to Bounce U (a bounce house) for his birthday. We let him invite 3 friends. This turned out perfect because Groupon had a half off deal the day before we went, and so it only cost us half the regular price. Score!

Lincoln, Ryan, Jack, Izzy, and Darren

Jack and his church buddies, Ryan and Darren

Lincoln snuggling into Grandpa while watching Caillou

Here's the best picture I (I mean, Doug) got of the awesome birthday cake that Gwen made him. Jack wanted a Batman party, if you can't already tell.
Grandma and Grandpa totally spoiled both boys! Lincoln got a new Usborne Trucks & Diggers magnet book, a Toy Story cape, and they got the boys Cars 2!

She got Jack and Lincoln some new clothes, too. Jack got a "Let's Go Fishing" game, an Usborne game called Pirate Snap, a couple capes, and this mask. It's pretty cool because you can velcro the cape around your wrists, like you see in this picture.

We were so sad when Grandma, Grandpa and Kolton left. We had so much fun with them!

So glad that Jack and Lincoln are getting along so much better now!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Grandma Came to Town

First, a picture of the progress on the Gilbert temple, which is only a few blocks from our current home! I took my activity day girls to the visitor's center here a few weeks ago. Pretty awesome.
Gwen came to visit us and stayed for almost two weeks! It was so great having her here to help me with the boys. I felt like I was on vacation! She was amazing. We took the boys and her to Scnhepf farms for our annual October trip. We went on a Thursday, and it was so dead! It was awesome not having to wait in any lines. Here she is with the boys on the train.

Beautiful farm

The four of them went on this bike. Their ride was so fast because the boys kept telling them to go faster.

This slide was SOOOO long

We took her to Discovery Park with the boys and their bikes. Lincoln is fearless when it comes to going down hills. We fed the ducks and saw some turtles. Fun times!
HALLOWEEN!!! Here's Doug (a.k.a. Joe Dirt), Lincoln the firefighter (having SO much fun!) and Jack as Darth Vader. They were so funny trick or treating! Jack would ring the doorbell and run behind us, because he thought something scary was going to jump out at him. Lincoln would linger in front of the door after getting his candy, half expecting to be invited in by someone.