Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Family Pictures


It seems that I'm a little behind the times with my blog posts! We have been busy. I don't have any pictures of our Thanksgiving this year. But we had some of our neighbors over and had a great feast! Earlier in the day, we went and saw Arthur Christmas, which we all liked.

Here's Jack and Lincoln snuggling in Lincoln's old room (the boys now share a room, and Lincoln's room is now the play room)

Jack is helping me make sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies

At our ward Christmas party, we celebrated the "Three Levels of Christmas." Here's level one, where there were lots of games. Jack was pinning the nose on Rudolph.

Driving around afterwards, looking at Christmas lights

Jack and daddy dozing

Here we are in cold Colorado! Lincoln felt right at home with the plethora and quantity of cars that he had!
At first I thought I forgot my contacts because they weren't in my case. Turns out, they were in my case, and were stuck to the lids! I tried soaking them overnight, but they were both torn! I had to wear my glasses the entire trip. Bummer!

We had a white Christmas! Here's daddy and Jack in Grammy and Papa's backyard, making his first snowman.

Grammy and Lincoln

Papa with his patriotic cast and Lincoln by the trains.

Alex and Lincoln

Jack and his best bud, Cody

"Say what?"

Lincoln stood here for a long time and refused to go out in the snow with Jack!

Lincoln's first time sledding! He didn't want to at first, but once we forced him down the first time, they couldn't get enough of it!

Doug and I got tired dragging the sled, AND THE BOYS, back up the hill

Lincoln's handy work with the trains

Aunt Eliza and Lincoln got along MUCH better this time around. Lincoln is warming up to people much faster now, which is nicer for everyone.

Christmas morning! Jack got a new Hot Wheels track!

Lincoln got a new jeep and trailer. Their big present was a keyboard that Santa brought before we went to Colorado. He must have known we wouldn't have been able to fit it back on the plane with us.
Some of the highlighted presents
Doug: Call of Duty: Black Ops for xbox, football jerseys
Toni: Family Tree Maker computer software, new steam mop
Jack: Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7, Star Wars camping chair
Lincoln: Lightning McQueen suitcase, camping chair, and GeoTrax car

We went through the Loveland/Fort Collins airport on the way home, and we had to stand in line for like a half hour just to check our bags! It was ridiculous. We had a great time in Colorado! Thanks, family. Utah family, we missed you!