Monday, April 02, 2012

March 2012

I can't believe it's April 2012 already! This means that Doug is finishing his last class this month. SO excited and so proud of him!

There have been some lazy days lately, like this Sunday afternoon:

We took the kids bowling for their first time last month. Lincoln absolutely loved it!

Jack liked it, but was ready to go do the arcades about half way through our game.

Lincoln won!

Here they are helping... er, watching daddy on the grill
Word up, G

Watching Puss in Boots
Jack had a field trip at Frye's (the grocery store) last week. He got all sorts of goodies along the way, and was even able to ring up his free toothbrush at the end!

Here he is after helping Lincoln ring one up, too.
I found out a couple days ago that some of my dad's siblings were in town, visiting my uncle Jim down in Casa Grande. They invited us down on Sunday, and we had SO much fun seeing family we hadn't seen in a long time, and some that Doug hadn't even met before! Here's Doug and Jack on the 4-wheeler (another first for Jack.)

And also Lincoln's first time!
And my brief stint

my uncle Bob
Aunt Maiah was so funny! She was freaking out riding by herself. Brianna had to show her how it was done.

Jack was SOOO in love with all the dogs they had at their house. All he wanted to do was find one and pet or rub them. It was absolutely adorable.
We went out to watch the skydivers land, but it was too windy, unfortunately. So we went and watched the indoor skydiving. We all thought it was pretty amazing.

Lincoln was so exhausted by the time we were leaving. Uncle Jim was getting some GREAT laughs out of him.

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kallina said...

Hey Toni! I just saw your comment on my blog! Congrats on your new little one as well! I hope you start feeling better soon!
Your kids are soo cute :).