Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 2012

 Lincoln had a birthday on the 1st. Happy 3rd birthday, Lincoln! Since Doug had to work all day, and I had to work at night, that left only one time on his birthday to open presents: before Doug went to work in the morning. Hence the reason they're still in pajamas.

 Since we got him that awesome blue Jeep for his present (and he doesn't really have any "friends" yet,) he didn't have a real party. But he kept saying he wanted a monster truck party. This was funny since Jack wanted the exact same kind of birthday party for his 3rd birthday. Here's my attempt at a monster truck cake.
 I found some amazing monster truck birthday decorations at the dollar store. I got these hats, and every single one of them had a rubber band that snapped off as soon as you tried putting them on. Lame!
 Jack's trying to balance his to stay on.
We had his cake on Sunday evening.
 Doug had a fun Father's Day. He took Jack to a Star Wars Diamondbacks game for part of his present. Jack even wore his Star Wars costume!

The other part was this Star Wars kit. The kit was way more for Jack's enjoyment than for Doug's. We're both not too big of fans, but Jack loves Darth Vader.

 We had the missionaries over for dinner a week or two ago, and I made my mom's super yummy mud pie. They loved it, and so did the boys. Here they are finishing it off.
 The boys both had some semi-private swim lessons this month, thanks to Groupon. They are both doing SO much better this time around! I'm signing them up with the city for the next month. Here's Lincoln in the water, and Jack is in the class next to Lincoln. That's him sitting on the ledge.
 And just a quick pic of my baby bump. Seriously, I feel like I'm already 25 weeks along. Ugh. Only 15 weeks at this point, and we should find out the sex around 19 weeks. Blue or pink??


Kristy E.B. said...

I hadn't heard you were pregnant, that's exciting! Congrats. You look super cute, as always!

Karen said...

I'm thinking pink! I hope so anyway! How fun would that be. I always think pink for everyone though.

Janaca said...

You look super cute and tiny Toni! I'm guessing a girl for you. :) Looks like a fun bday and fathers day!

Leisa said...

I felt the same way with #3, it's was like my tummy just gave up, I couldn't believe how quickly my baby bump grew. Luckily you look way cute!

Happy birthday to Lincoln!