Thursday, September 06, 2012

August 2012

Doug drove home to Arizona by himself in our car, and my dad met us in Utah to pick us up and take us to Colorado for a week and a half. It wasn't much cooler there, unfortunately. They had a very hot summer!

Heather invited us to the zoo with her family one day while we were there. Grammy drove the boys and me down there, and we only lasted until lunch because of the heat. I was getting so lightheaded!

Uncle Chris lifting Lincoln up to see the penguins

Linc, Jack, Aiden, Caylee, Chris, my mom, and Brea

Another train ride for Lincoln!

Hi Jack!

The boys had a blast playing with Timber, Mason's dog!

Had so much fun reuniting with high school friends and their kids. It's never long enough with you ladies! Miss you guys.

Eliza invited us to her neighborhood pool. Here's Olivia and Lincoln hanging out. Olivia is so good with Lincoln!

We got news a couple days before we left back for Arizona that Doug got offered the job for the state of Utah that he had interviewed for. We're now just waiting to hear on when his replacement will be leaving so we can plan our move. He should start either mid October or mid November. I'm hoping for mid October so we can settle in a little bit before baby comes! She's due December 9th, and I have gone early with both pregnancies so far. Wish us luck, and we will see you Utahn's soon!


The Bluths said...

You're moving?! I haven't visited the blog in a while. Congrats on the baby girl and the new job!

Eliza Brock said...

Love you guys! It was fun to see you. XOXO Eliza

Leisa said...

Your boys look so much older! That's exciting that you guys are moving back here! What part of Utah?

Nicole said...

Wow, so much great stuff going on with you guys! Congratulations on your baby girl and new job. Girls are so fun:) Its fun catching up on your blog, looks like you guys are doing well.