Thursday, November 01, 2012

Hello, Utah!

Doug is done with training and now works four 10-hour shifts Monday-Thursday. He's loving his job so far! He has laid some seed down in the backyard so that the boys will have a grassy area to play next summer.

I got our house unpacked in record time (call it nesting, or just OCD) and am really enjoying this house! It's bigger than our house in Arizona, which gives the boys a lot more room to spread out and play. I'm looking forward to making a lot of new friends in the ward and neighborhood. I'm currently 34 weeks along, and am SO ready for this baby to come out! I feel exhausted all the time, and she feels like she outgrew my tummy like a month ago. I'm seeing the same OB/GYN I saw with Lincoln, and he's amazing. Totally worth the drive up to American Fork every week for my appointments. My due date is December 9th, but she will be induced December 5th, if she doesn't come sooner. I really want my doctor to deliver her.

Jack is still missing his Arizona friends, but started a preschool here the week after we moved in, and has really enjoyed doing that 3 mornings a week. He's totally obsessed with Spider-Man right now. And right before we left Arizona, both boys got glasses. Jack has an astigmatism in one eye, and Lincoln is a little cross-eyed. It has been a little bit of a struggle getting them to keep them on.

Lincoln... well, he still just goes with the flow and copies just about everything Jack does. It's pretty cute, but Jack is getting annoyed with the copying.

Here are a few pictures of Deacon and Jack when we went up the canyon with Doug's dad's family a few weeks ago.

 They were so tired that they both fell asleep on the way home.

Kingsley turned 3 on October 22nd, and had a little party at grandma and grandpa's house. We got her a princess Memory game, and a Barbie. Or, as she likes to call it, a "Farbie." So cute!

Somehow, this is the only picture I have with at least one of the boys in their costumes for Halloween. Lincoln was Iron Man, but didn't love the costume.

The 2012 Nelson pumpkins. Doug and I carved while the boys...
 Did this.
Happy Halloween!


Kristy E.B. said...

You look so cute pregnant in your pictures! That's so exciting for you guys to be having a little girl. Hope you're liking Utah.

Melissa Rees said...

We are so glad you are back! Love those pictures of the boys!

Leisa said...

Hey, welcome back to Utah! Where in Utah are you living? I can't remember if you've said in a previous post. I'd love to get together and catch up sometime:)