Thursday, November 01, 2012

Goodbye, Arizona!

Well, Doug got a phone call on September 11, saying that they wanted him to start his new job in Utah ASAP. He told them the earliest he could start was October 1st. So from there, we were in a scramble to pack and get moving plans underway! Doug's parents were generous enough to fly out and help us pack, drive, and move in to our new place.
Here was one of our last nights in Arizona, when Doug took me our for my birthday dinner.

 I am now in my 30's, and thought I'd be a lot more emotional about actually turning 30. I was VERY emotional saying goodbye to everyone the day of my birthday. All the fabulous ladies in our ward threw me a birthday/going away party/baby shower all in one, and it was awesome. It's probably the pregnancy hormones, but I was on the verge of tears the entire time. I think I hid it well. They were a great, fun group of ladies, and I miss them dearly.

Later that afternoon, Jack had an early birthday/going away party with all his Arizona friends. The theme was, of course, superheroes and villains. He had a great time and got hooked up with some good stuff.

 Not quite sure what Lincoln's face was all about here.
 The only specific thing Jack requested was a Spider-Man pinata. That thing was so tough, we eventually had to unhook it from the string and just have Jack beat the poop out of it until he broke it open.

 Jack has had a really hard time letting go of his best friend, Ryan. He has been slightly emotional about missing his friends, especially this guy. He even sent him an email the other day about how much he missed him. Here's the email:
"Dear Ryan,
    I hope you have a great Halloween with your friends. I love you. I miss your dog. You're my best friend.

Me and daddy are going to Boondocks tomorrow. I wish you could come, too. I like Utah a lot. I like our house.


And here's the picture he drew for him.
 Goodbye, Arizona! Thank you for everything, and we will miss you dearly.

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